“Downton Abbey” is back!

Downton Abbey fans, rejoice! The trailer for the third season of the hit series is finally available. After months of traversing a visual desert, here are some images at last!- and yes, we all know by now that Shirley McLaine is part of the Downton adventure and that this will probably be Maggie Smith’s last season (if it weren’t so middle class to show our feelings, we’d say it breaks our hearts).

Everything that made the success of the previous seasons seems to be present and amplified in this new one.

Form and content have matured, they seem to have toned it down on the sometimes soapy edge of the show… (or is this an illusion created by the glorious magic of editing and music?)

Julian Fellowes could look at it like a proud parent sending their kid off to college… “Look at how Downton has grown… “

It has now become obvious that there is a definite “Downton style”.

Neat aesthetics with the usual, recognizable palette of colours and elaborate costumes or fancy hairstyles that make us feel like shabby modern viewers.

And on top of this, to mesmerize us all, they wrapped it all with a fakely innocent and childlike music that makes us crave for more – they just know that they have got us in the palm of their hands. A month before the release of the show, they mercilessly dropped this killer trailer on us and it will still be in our minds by then. Without further ado, here is Viddy Well’s daily fix of period drama:

On your nearest tv or pirate computer (if you have the misfortune of not being British)

September 16th. So soon!

Viddy Well,


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