Eastern Promises 2!
Apparently, David Cronenberg’s project of making a follow-up to Eastern Promises is much more advanced than we knew! Viggo Mortensen will return as Nikolai and Vincent Cassel is in talks to return. No word however on Naomi Watts. But we really hope she’ll be on board as well!

Abbie Cornish and Robocop….Really?
Abbie Cornish is sadly not making a great career. Since her astonishing performance in Jane Campion’s Bright Star, we haven’t seen much of the actress. And now, there are talks that she’ll play the wife in the remake of Robocop… The film will certainly help putting her on the map but still… It’s Robocop.

Twelve Years a Slave
Now here’s a film we’re really excited about. Steve McQueen’s next film has an amazing cast: Chiwitel Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt, Paul Dano, Taran Killam, Garrett Dillahunt, Benedict Cumberbatch, Paul Giamatti and Sarah Paulson. Ejiofor is starring as a free man captured and forced into slavery in New Orleans. Fassbender will play Edwin Epps (the “evil” character in the book), a plantation owner, who cheats on his wife (Paulson) with one of his slaves. Giamatti will be Freeman, the man who takes possession of the slaves when they arrive in New Orleans, and Cumberbatch will play another plantation owner.

It’s a Scandal!
Henry Ian Cusick (oh, dear Desmond) is leaving Scandal, Shonda Rhimes’ latest TV show, after one season. Too bad really, he was the only reason I was watching the show.

Zombies are the worst.
That’s clearly what the producers of World War Z are thinking right now. They have just hired Damon Lindelof to rewrite the third act of the film. Reshoots will then follow. The film, in which Bard Pitt stars, was supposed to come out in December and has now been pushed back to June 2013.

Noah‘s Ark has a lot of people on board.
Emma Watson is the latest actress to have joined Darren Aronofsky’s Noah. Russell Crowe is playing the title character, with Logan Lerman and Douglas Booth cast as his sons. Watson will play a girl romantically involved with one of the sons (Booth apparently). Julianne Moore is rumored to play Noah’s wife while Liev Schreiber might be playing Noah’s enemy.

Prometheus parody: watch this great parody of David’s viral video, with Joel McHale

That’s it for this week’s news!

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