At last! The trailer of Django Unchained has arrived. No more scarse pictures to tease us,  we can now get a good notion of what this is about. Starring Jamie Foxx as a former slave who becomes a bounty hunter, Christoph Waltz, the man who helps him find his wife, and Leonardo Di Caprio as a delightfully evil plantation owner named Calvin Candie… It feels good to see him in a role where he can show the full scope of his talent, from this few shots, dark humor seems to suit him extremely well – there is something of Dr Strangelove in him. Can we hope this role will put him on the spotlight for the next round of Oscars? We certainly hope so at Viddy Well. It is likely afterall, The Weinstein Company is producing the film…
Let us rejoice as well for this: Samuel L. Jackson is back! And stuntwoman Zoe Bell from Death Proof is also part of the cast.
Quotes are already spreading throughout the internet like wildfire, on their way to become ‘Tarantinian’ cult sentences. One thing is for sure; the movie had our curiosity. Now it has our attention.
So let’s not wait any longer, here is the trailer for Django Unchained (we now know that the D is supposed to be silent…):
Viddy Well,

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