Shame on “Liz & Dick”

Shameful… There is no other word for it. The idea alone of Lindsay Lohan playing Liz Taylor was painful enough. Now we have pictures to deepen the wound. Not only is there no resemblance between the starlet and the legend, the vulgarity of Lohan is an insult to the beauty and class of the great Elizabeth. 
No matter how good the makeup (which is terrible by the way), no matter how good the costumes, this TV film is an insult to the memory of the greatest stars Hollywood ever had. Don’t even get me started on the choice of Grant Bowler to play Richard Burton. How can you hire average actors to play legends? Fortunately, this is Lifetime. So I can only hope that no one will watch this outrageous production. 
                                 What is he doing, biting her? Is this another Twilight?

                                                     How can you compare that beauty…
lindsay lohan liz dick costume changes 00
…with THIS ?
This is just ridiculous.

Now let’s look at some real beauty, shall we?

Viddy Well. 

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