Cruel, Cruel Cruel Cruel…
We are indeed in the darkest timeline… Just a few days after an amazing finale, Dan Harmon, the mad genius behind Community, announced that he got fired. David Guarascio and Moses Port have been hired as the new Community showrunners. This is really terrible news. The show’s cast members are appalled as well and have left many comments on Twitter. Community is by far one of the best comedies on TV. So we can only hope that the spirit of the show will remain and that the cast members will “die protecting his vision” as Alison Brie (Annie) promised…

Wes Anderson never stops!
The director has already finished writing his next script which apparently takes place in Europe. This move seems logical since Wes Anderson has now been living in Paris for quite a long time.

James Bond never dies…
We are not done with James Bond films apparently. Duncan Jones (son of David Bowie, director of Moon and Source Code) is planning to direct a biopic on Ian Fleming. I haven’t seen Moon which was supposed to be great, but Source Code was really awful. Let’s hope Jones will do a good job this time.

Mia Wasikowska meets another Carol
The actress will star in Carol alongside Cate Blanchett. Carol is an adaptation of a Patricia Highsmith novel, The Price of Salt. In the 1950s in New York, a love story begins between a young woman working in a department store and an unhappily married woman, afraid to lose her daughter if she were to leave her husband. The film will be directed by John Crowley (Boy A).

Rumor has it…
Our source at the Cannes Film Festival tells us that the rumor is going around that John Hillcoat’s Lawless (which is apparently really bad), was only granted a spot in the official competition as a favor to the Weinstein brothers. Indeed, the Weinsteins were of great help is getting The Artist in the Oscar run… Though, I would like to say that The Artist deserved all the awards it received.

Viddy Well!


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