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Sorry to disappoint you E.D, but Woody’s next film won’t be happening in Prague. The Munich and Copenhagen rumors were also wrong: Woody’s coming back to the US! Apparently, the film will be shot partly in New York and the main action will take place in San Francisco! Will coming back to the US give Woody Allen back his inspiration? I guess we’ll have the answer to that next year.

Now, more on one of my favorite projects, Ridley Scott’s The Counselor. As I already told you, Angelina Jolie is rumored to have a small part in it. And it now appears that her soon-to-be husband, Brad Pitt, will also appear in the film!

My decision to stop watching 30 Rock has been revoked after the show announced that Donald Glover (Community‘s Troy) will guest star in the live episode (April 26). Glover used to be a writer for the show.

Donald Glover as Troy in Community

And finally, here’s the most exciting news! Leonardo DiCaprio will star in the adaptation of Live by Night, by Dennis Lehane. The book, which will be released in October, is a sequel to Lehane’s beautiful The Given Day. Apparently, the story will take place during Prohibition. I have always thought that if The Given Day were to become a film, it should be directed by James Gray with Leo in the title role. Half my wish is now fulfilled since DiCaprio will probably be playing Danny Coughlin, who was The Given Day’s main character. So now we have to hope that Warner Bros. will get a good director for this project. I’d like to see Gray of course, or Martin Scorsese. He had done wonders with his adaptation of Shutter Island. In the meantime, we’ll get to read Lehane’s new book, and I’m sure it will be great, as always.

So here you go. I’ll be back with more news tomorrow. Enjoy and Viddy Well my friends!


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